Hay Fever!

Hay Fever in 2021 - Worse Than Ever for Many People

There has been a meteoric rise in hay fever-related medication sales this year. Many people who have not previously suffered itchy eyes, sneezing, runny nose, and sinusitis are now suffering. This is now affecting up to a third of the population!

During the pandemic, people became indoor habitants and wore facemasks when venturing out of their homes. Whereas this was good practice to prevent a virus infection, our immune systems became less busy and now when out and about we are over-reacting to harmless particles such as pollens and the result is higher levels of hay fever affecting many more people.

The medications of choice for many people are anti-histamine tablets and nasal sprays containing xylometazoline or oxymetazoline. Antihistamines cause everything to dry up which in the sinus cavity will open the door for harmful bacteria and potentially lead to a sinus infection. Many also cause drowsiness and some blurred vision.

Nasal sprays containing xylometazoline or oxymetazoline cause the blood vessels inside the nose to contract and initially appear to relieve symptoms. They should not be used for more than a few days otherwise they create a rebound effect with the end result being a completely blocked nose. They also dry out the sinus area, like the tablets, leading to bacteria-related infections.

Hay fever and head colds are the number one cause of switching someone from a nose to a mouth breather, so maintaining clear nasal passages during hay fever season, 24 hours per day, can prevent more complex associated respiratory issues.


The key things to mitigate symptoms are:

Use Xlear nasal spray - this contains xylitol which will work with your body's immune system by moisturizing the nasal passages, washing out allergens, and tackling harmful bacteria. This has no rebound effect and is safe for all ages from babies to seniors. Link to the company website: Xlear

Myotape at night time - this is a specially designed tape that will ensure your mouth is closed whilst you sleep. Link for info: Myotape

Reduce risk of inhaling pollen - wear a facemask whilst cutting the grass, gardening, driving etc. Close your windows. Wear sunglasses. Consider an air purifier.